We now offer 2 types of billing our standard rates and our subscription rates. Our standard rates are billed once per month and they are month to month. Our subscription billing is done automatically to offer lower rates and you cancel anytime for both. Here are the benefits


  • $125 Per Month

  • Start Date 1st of the Month

  • Billing Done Manually

  • You can only start on the 1st

  • Fees slightly higher


  • $30 weekly, $55 bi-weekly, or $99 monthly

  • Start anytime

  • Billed automatically

  • Fees are lower and manageable

  • Align with pay schedule

  • Cancel whenever you want

What is Included

Boot Camp

Personal Training

Cardio Circuits

All Classes All Days

$55 Bi-Weekly


$99 monthly


$30  Weekly


Month2Month (Non-Recurring) $125)