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Bodyzone is a balanced approach to fitness. Our Hybrid Style boot camp allows you to engage in the fitness rigor developed by your trainer  while also offering diversity in your workouts from person to person known as ZONE training. We recognize that each person has various targets and we want you to be able to have some control and diversity in your workout. Your trainer will create zone trainings and boot camp trainings for you to maximize your fitness goals in a way that the fitness world has never seen. In some sessions you get to choose your workout zones and in some session your trainer will guide you through total body workouts. YOU GET THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS and you constantly stay motivated and focused.





Focused Workouts

Training Style

Imagine knowing how to workout to achieve your goals. Bodyzone training helps you learn the principles of long-term fitness by training you on the what's the hows and maximizing your growth based on your fitness goals. No other training facility has this style and we are about to show you the ins and outs of sculpting and getting into your ZONE of fitness.

The bodyzone approach is mixed-methods of strength, cardio, and client-specific goal training.